The Best Career Advice You Never Received

Over the course of my 30 year career as an executive search consultant with Spencer Stuart I’ve had a unique opportunity to observe the formation of many successful and not-so-successful careers. A number of components go into building a successful career, but professionals who take personal responsibility for proactively managing their careers have a distinct … More The Best Career Advice You Never Received

Job Searching in the Midst of Corona

What Recruiting Firms are Saying ·      Search firms are now strictly working “virtually” with employees in home offices through Zoom, Blue Jeans and GoToMeeting audio-video apps. One consultant I spoke with mentioned that he’d just experienced his first 100% virtual senior level placement, in other words, with no live person to person, face to face meetings. However, I … More Job Searching in the Midst of Corona

Your Most Critical Career Decisions

During my almost 30 years in executive search with Spencer Stuart I met, assessed, presented and tracked the careers of countless executives. This activity provided numerous insights about how successful careers are formed, and derailed. Many of these observations have been underscored in my current executive coaching activities. Without a doubt, the most critical decisions … More Your Most Critical Career Decisions

What does self-awareness have to do with job satisfaction?

Self-awareness is defined as “conscious knowledge of one’s own character, strengths, and weaknesses, feelings, motives and desires.” And, rewarding business careers rely on the ability to lead, manage, motivate, influence, and build positive relationships which require well-developed interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence – at the very core of which lies self-awareness. Think about an instance … More What does self-awareness have to do with job satisfaction?

THE RIGHT MOVES – For Achieving Greater Career Success

Effective career management is critical to achieving career success. An executive’s success is only 35% attributable to the innate skills and talents they are born with. The far larger determinant, 65% is attributable to their training/education, how they build and position their professional profile, the decisions they make, and effective career management . Doing these … More THE RIGHT MOVES – For Achieving Greater Career Success

EPAM Self-Diagnostic

How attractive a candidate are you? Many executives do not have an objective and actionable perspective about the attractiveness of their backgrounds in the talent market. This understanding is particularly important if you are going to manage your professional development effectively and position yourself for future opportunities. In a recent column for I shared … More EPAM Self-Diagnostic


Selecting the right opportunities is critical to not becoming a job-hopper. It has a huge impact on your track record, job satisfaction, quality of life and long-term earnings potential. What are the factors you should consider beyond simply compensation and geography? The Opportunity—There are a number of considerations beyond simply title, compensation and major responsibilities. … More HOW TO SELECT THE RIGHT JOB!

How to Advance through the Executive Search Funnel

An Inside Look at the Executive Search Process! This week I provide suggestions on how to optimize your chances of progressing through the search/candidate funnel. You will recall the following search funnel construct from last week’s blog. My current suggestions and tips for advancing through the funnel are organized within this same construct.. How to … More How to Advance through the Executive Search Funnel