Become a Proactive Executive

“Chris is the not-so-secret weapon of sound career management.”

Are you looking for greater job satisfaction, advancement potential and financial growth, but not sure how to reach your goals? You’re not alone.

Unfortunately, effective career management is not taught in school, but instead through the school of hard knocks. By the time you’ve learned the lessons, the mistakes have been made and repercussions can be felt for years. However, you do not have to be knocked around needlessly. There is a pragmatic and proven formula for successful career formation that produces enhanced job satisfaction, more assured advancement, and greater life time earnings…conservatively 35%. All of this is achieved through proactive and proven career management insights, fundamentals and disciplines.

“More than ever, today‚Äôs quickly shifting, technology-enabled work environment requires proactive and pragmatic career management.”


The reality: Most executives under manage their careers.

The good news: 65% of an executive’s career success is attributable to controllable factors:

  • education/training
  • skills you choose to develop
  • experiences you receive
  • decisions you make
  • how you decide to position and differentiate yourself in the talent market.

These factors are all related to proactive and effective career management.

Over the course of my 30-year career with Spencer Stuart, a leading global executive search firm, I formally assessed and followed the careers of thousands of executives and had a unique opportunity to observe firsthand how successful careers are formed or derailed. These observations produced a wealth of insights about how the most successful and highly paid executives optimize their careers.

Today as an author, speaker, coach and mentor I am focused on helping aspiring C-suite executives move more efficiently to the next level with a greater level of certainty, accomplished through proven proactive and astute career management disciplines. To learn more, I encourage you to take a few moments and explore the resources on this website.