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As a nationally recognized C-level recruiter, I spent 30 years with Spencer Stuart, a leading global executive search firm. Prior to this my early career was in brand marketing on both the manufacturer and agency sides of the business after receiving a Wharton MBA. My executive search clients included leading Fortune 500 corporations, private equity portfolio companies, and later stage start-ups. Along the way, I counseled and helped guide the careers of several thousand executives—ranging from CEOs to vice presidents across multiple leadership functions and industries.

After many years in the recruiting trenches, I retired from Spencer Stuart with the goal of helping executives achieve greater professional success through proactive and thoughtful career management. An astonishing personal observation over the course of my career in executive search was that most executives under-manage their careers due to either complacency, not taking the time, or simply lacking the knowledge of how to do so successfully.  The results of this under-management are curtailed career tracks, low job satisfaction, depressed compensation, obsolete skill sets, poor culture fit and needless relocations.  So, I became determined to improve on this wasted executive potential. Today, I accomplish this nationally through one-on-one virtual coaching, seminars/webinars, workshops, mentoring and publishing. In my career guidebook, The Proactive Executive: A C-Suite Recruiters 5-Step System for Achieving Greater Career Success, I share the best of my 30 years’ worth of observations, learnings and insights about the formation and maintenance of successful careers.  The book was designed to provide a wealth of practical, straightforward guidance, action steps, examples and critical perspectives not commonly thought of.  The over-riding reaction from readers has been, “I wish I’d read this book years ago!”