The Proactive Executive: A 5-Step System for Achieving Greater Career Success

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“In ‘Proactive Executive’ Chris Nadherny has consolidated his decades of learnings in the executive search business to create an invaluable blueprint for optimizing your career.”
-Jody Bilney, SVP and Chief Consumer Officer, Humana, Inc.

The Proactive Executive by Chris Nadherny (available on Amazon, “5-Star” reader rated) offers a highly effective framework for executives aspiring to the C-suite and who want an inside edge in fulfilling their career potential. Packed with actionable guidance, real-world stories and insider knowledge, The Proactive Executive shows you how to more effectively develop and manage your career through the turbulence, rapid change and disruptions of today’s environment.  The book shares an insider’s perspective about how top recruiters and corporations assess candidates, and how to develop many of the skill sets and attributes they are looking for.

In The Proactive Executive Chris explains how to effectively build and position your background in the talent market; create a compelling and distinctive resume and messaging platform; excel in interviews; develop more powerful references; strategically assess job opportunities; determine when, why and how to make an industry transition; and how to get off to a great start in your new role.  The content is straightforward, practical and immediately useful.

Author Chris Nadherny is a nationally respected executive recruiter who worked with Spencer Stuart for 30 years, conducting more than 700 executive search assignments for a wide-range of companies before retiring to pursue his current activities. His primary objective following retirement from Spencer Stuart was to build a superior array of services to help executives achieve greater career success as exhibited through improved job satisfaction, career advancement and enhanced earnings potential.  In The Proactive Executive this author clearly shows what it takes for professionals to get to the next level, and what holds them back.

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What Readers Have This to Say About The Proactive Executive:

“Careers are a personal journey of discovery, Chris Nadherny’s book, The Proactive Executive, provides an exceptional map for understanding the actions, decisions, market positioning and personal development that ultimately determine whether we have effectively managed our careers or fallen short of ‘what could have been’. His book is one that should certainly be read sooner rather than later!”

John Koryl, President, Neiman Marcus Stores & Online


“Having read and prescribed many career books, this would be my absolute top choice. The author’s perspective is unique in that his vast executive search experience provides insight both from a company’s view as well as from the prospective executive. Together, they form a mosaic of what really defines exceptional talent and how this should guide one’s career decisions. Chris Nadherny has created a highly practical career management reference guide that will prove invaluable for many aspiring executives in the years to come.”

Fred Ley, SVP Corporate HR and Global Talent Management and Acquisition, Walmart, Inc.


“Want help in improving your career? Then read this book before it’s too late! Chris Nadherny turns 30 years of executive search experience into a practical reference guide that offers invaluable insider perspective for executives at every stage of their careers.”

Gian Fulgoni, ‎Co-Founder & CEO at comScore, Inc.


“Chris Nadherny shares his considerable experience as a national C-suite recruiter to capture the most critical, but often overlooked, elements of professional development and career planning in his book, “The Proactive Executive”.  His book is full of proven and practical advice, insights, how-to’s, action steps and real life case studies to guide your journey. A great read!”

Kimberly Williams, CEO, Consumer Safety Technologies


“Read this book! No fluff here. Only practical tools and ‘hard’ career management skills that are guaranteed to result in positive career and personal growth. This is a ‘go to’ resource successful executives can pick up throughout their careers.”

John Seebeck, VP and General Manager ECommerce, CDW, Inc.


“Physician heal thyself hasn’t typically been relevant advice for business executives. Until now. Chris Nadherny’s ‘Proactive Executive’ does just that. This book reminds smart, strategic, and effective executives, who have mastered goal setting, planning, execution and monitoring, to apply these very talents to managing their own careers. Starting with the most important trait, self-awareness, Chris brings evidence in the form of examples and real life case studies proving the qualities, and then the strategic actions that he’s seen work over a stellar career of his own in executive search.”

Tom Collinger, Executive Director Medill IMC/Spiegel Digital and Database Research Initiative, Northwestern University


“Today’s business environment requires leaders to manage multiple, complex initiatives while reacting to new information on an ongoing basis. Good leaders almost always have a proactive plan to handle these challenges.  But, perhaps the toughest project any leader faces is the long-term management of his or her career through the series of changes in their personal situation and the rapidly evolving marketplace.  In his new book, The Proactive Executive, Chris Nadherny provides an excellent road-map for managing your most important business project – your career.  The Proactive Executive provides a career’s worth of practical perspective, insights, suggestions and “how to” tips designed to keep you ahead of the curve and achieving greater personal career success.”

Michael Linton, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Farmers Group Insurance, Inc.


“I wish this book had been written 30 years ago! There is lots of wisdom here that I could have used in my own career. I am overnighting ”The Proactive Executive” to both my adult kids. Chris Nadherny’s insight and advice is that important!”

Bill Bass, Chairman, Black Wolf Group


“Best Executive Career Management book available. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. Read it. If you care at all about your career, you won’t regret it.”
SNR, Amazon Customer Review


“MUST READ for any aspiring senior executive or CEO. One book that can really help you achieve greater career success. I’m recommending it as a “must read” to others. My only regret is that I didn’t have a chance to read this many years ago since there are definitely things I would have done differently as a result, and which would have had a significant positive impact on my career.”

AG. Garrick, Amazon Customer Review


“Terrific Guidance! Here’s a book that really has potential to change your professional trajectory and destiny.”

Marjory Dray, Amazon Customer Review


“Great Read for those in Career Transition. As an executive in career transition, I was seeking as much information from resources that I could possibly find to enhance my search. I picked up Chris’s book and was totally impressed with the “matter-of-fact” information that he has outlined as a 5 step process.”

Jim Destefano, Amazon Customer Review


“A very insightful read for any executive. This book should be on every executive’s bookshelf…better than other books I’ve read on this subject. I have broadly recommended the book to my 4,000 member executive networking group. The content is distinguished in its clarity, usefulness and insights. The author’s deep experience and pragmatic but thoughtful approach to effective career management is unparalleled. He packs 30 years’ worth of experience, perspective and actionable advice into a succinct and practical format.”

Martin D Gilbert, Amazon Customer Review