“I got to know Chris as a participant in one of his “How to Optimize Your Career” workshops which in itself was very valuable. Chris also offers one-on-one coaching services which  I took advantage of after a series of unsuccessful job interviews. Working with Chris was a fantastic experience. He quickly identified where I was in need of assistance through a formal assessment and 360 degree feedback. He then laid out a game plan. We overhauled my resume, established a clear personal brand positioning and compelling story line, polished my interviewing skills and pre-screened my references. Now, here we are only eight weeks later and I’ve landed my “dream” job!  My new position as Vice President with a major health benefits company is 3X greater responsibility than my prior role and comes with a compensation package that reflects this larger role. I could not have done  this without Chris’ guidance, honesty and encouragement. He provided terrific counsel and perspective during my compensation discussions and is now assisting me in putting together an on boarding program. This is by far the best investment I’ve made in my career since my education. I could not recommend Chris’ services more highly!”

~Raymond MD, MBA

“Chris Nadherny was referred to me by an executive networking group.  Previously I’d been with my company for fifteen years and risen to be COO before we were sold to private equity and I departed.  I became very concerned that my job search did not have traction after nine months in the market.  Chris was highly recommended as a former search consultant who now coaches and mentors senior executives.  I contacted Chris and we met regularly over four weeks.  We continue to meet periodically.  I’m amazed at what we have accomplished in a short amount of time. Chris quickly identified several reasons why I was having limited success in my job search.  He put me through a diagnostic he had designed to determine how to increase the attractiveness of my background in the market.  He guided me in the development of a crisply defined positioning, showed me how to make my resume more contextually relevant and impactful, and how to create a proper cover note that would get responses.  Importantly, he spent time talking with my CEO, peers and subordinates to gather objective and hugely valuable input on what I do well and where I need to improve.  He then structured a straightforward and actionable behavior modification program which I now use during the week.  We polished my interview skills and he introduced me to a number of his former colleagues.  Importantly, he brought much needed focus to my job search.  Working with Chris has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my career.”  ~ Bobby S.

“The “How to Optimize Your Career” workshop was invaluable.  It inspired me to take charge of my career, and to put as much effort and strategic thought into long term career planning as I do the next important initiative at work. Chris is an authority on executive recruiting and building successful careers. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and insightful, Chris is also incredibly generous with his time. He got to know our career journey and offered customized advice to each of us.  Professionals at all levels will benefit from this high ROI workshop and Chris’ wisdom.  I strongly recommend it!” ~ Miranda K.

DSCN2629 (1)

Chris Nadherny‘s ‘How to Optimize Your Career’ seminar is a practical and professionally game-changing series in which he generously shares his wealth of experience regarding effective career management from A to Z.  Rather than presenting packaged ‘how to’s’ and anecdotes that are quickly forgotten, Chris encourages rigorous self-examination about how effectively you are navigating, or inadvertently mismanaging  your career.  You come away realizing the opportunity cost  of  being passive and not being in the game every day. This is not a warm and fuzzy cheerleading class, but an honest look at succeeding in today’s marketplace. Through a Socratic give and take and a well thought out approach Chris provides a needed framework for achieving greater career success, satisfaction and earnings potential.  Often, we miss the fruit—both low-hanging and otherwise—that is hiding in the morass of our daily lives. Organizing this self-reflection mirror is Chris‘ way of  rooting for all of us!”  ~ D. Dibo

“I highly recommend Chris Nadherny and his workshop on career optimization.  He has a unique depth of understanding and experience to drive value for participants. He is very well prepared and thoughtful.  I have benefited tremendously from his thoughts and feedback on career planning. He is very generous with his time and takes a sincere interest in you.” ~ Vivek I.

“I recently attended the ‘How to Optimize Your Career’ workshop and am so glad I did.  It was an extremely valuable experience that refreshed my thinking about effective and proactive career management. In particular, information about the impact of supply and demand for talent on your career provided me a more complete appreciation for my current situation.  As a result, I have renewed vigor for the industry I chose to work in.  I also found the Executive Profile Attractiveness Measure (EPAM) self-diagnostic valuable in helping me understand how to be more proactive and thoughtful as I develop a game plan for my career. I truly appreciate the coaching, the assessment tools and all the great tips Chris gave throughout the workshop.  I highly recommend the seminar series to those who are interested in optimizing their professional success, satisfaction and rewards.” ~ Patricia T.

Chris Nadherny’s Career Seminar Series is a master class in the truths and hard realities of career management…something that we are not taught in school. His thirty years of experience and insights recruiting talented, proven professionals for exacting hiring managers are at once sobering yet motivating. No matter the stage of your career, it is well worth your time to reflect on your accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses as you apply his principles and extensive knowledge to your resume, current job, and broader career. He provides essential strategies and tools for staying relevant and attractive in today’s competitive and swiftly changing marketplace ~ Suzanne G.

“The time committed and cost of attending Chris’ ‘Optimizing Your Career’ Seminar Series was one of the best personal investments I’ve made in my career since leaving business school many years ago. Chris draws on his 30 years of experience at Spencer Stuart to share a lifetime of insights on all aspects of effective career management—career strategy, market positioning, resume writing, networking, working with recruiters, interviewing, evaluating job offers and so much more.  Your career is one of the greatest assets you have and should be thoughtfully cultivated throughout your adult life.  However, the reality is that while you work every day at doing your current job well, you tend to focus on your career only at those times when you want or need to make a change.  At that point, you realize that you haven’t managed this critical asset as well as you could have.  Chris gives you the invaluable insights and tools you need to be the master of your destiny.  I only wish that I’d gone through this program much earlier in my career!” ~ Dave B.