Mentoring Month Challenge!

September, the kids are back in school and summer activities are drawing to a close. The frenetic Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holiday travel period is not yet on us. The year-end performance review process, as well as planning for the new fiscal year is starting. This is a natural time to think back on your prior year’s professional accomplishments and remember those who have helped, supported and encouraged you. Most all of us can cite at least several mentors who have made a significant impact on our careers and development. And, many of us have had satisfaction in helping mentor and develop others. Mentoring has an amazing impact on how individuals and companies grow. This is why I’m launching a Mentoring Month challenge – four articles in the coming four weeks that can help you mentor and guide others in your network towards achieving greater career success and job satisfaction.

I’ll offer specific suggestions and strategies from my book, The Proactive Executive, which will not only help you find greater success, but that will also benefit people in your network and on your team. So, help someone you know find more job satisfaction, step outside their comfort zone, acquire new skills, or feel more empowered to grow professionally.